Life Insurance With Cancer

insurance with cancerYes, there is still hope for you!  We want you get to life insurance coverage, even if you have or had cancer and we are here to help you get it.

There are a few things you will need to do, be patient (not a patient) because this is going to be a little difficult.  Give us a chance, and be prepared to talk to a few agents on the phone, yep…I know, I don’t like talking to people either, but you will be rewarded.

There are the 4 stages of cancer and as you go up the scale to stage 4 getting insurance coverage gets harder and harder. I hate to scare you away but we need to be honest too, why would an insurance company write a policy that was 95% going to go against them and force the payout to your loved ones.

Now, on the bright side of things medicine is advancing although it might seem to slow in your case. I have seen people with stage 3 cancer get coverage but it is not easy to get and its very expensive. They are taking a gamble on your recovery and the type of treatment you are getting.

So take a deep breath, get your pen and pencil ready and bring out as much information about your cancer progress as you can. If you are in stage 2 or 4 you might want to apply for a no examination policy and see what happens. They will ask you questions about your current medical status and you CAN NOT lie about it or risk fraud and penalty charges.

You should see a few companies on this page, I encourage you to check them all out and see what you can come up with. Stay calm, continue your treatments and be thankful for the years you have enjoyed…peace and prayer really do help in the healing process.